Regional distribution

Investment scope
Global area product agent merchant, we sincerely invite to join in!
 Joining process
1、Product consultation : laser die cutting machine and automatic blade bending machine 
2、Examine marketing ability
3、deal with relevant formalities, and issue the license of distribute of engage by special arrangement
4、began to product marketing activities
5、Sold 3-5 sets TSD machine , can be upgrade to become a regional agency
Marketing support
1, TSD provides for the business agents all kinds of related documents and data of all products: laser die cutting machine and auto bending machine.
2, New products promotion and policy support priority agent;
3, Regularly or irregularly to provide technical services for the business agent, distribute enterprise publicity materials;
4, During the period of the supplies, the agent enjoys priority purchasing;
5, Regularly or irregularly in international large related exhibitions such as  printing and packaging exhibition, enhance international influence;
6, For international customers to visit the factory, see the factory development.
Trade links
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